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Does shockwave therapy for ED work and how long does it last?

Sex and sleep have a complex relationship – and fixing one may be able to help both Sex and sleep are two of the body’s essential biological functions, and they are directly connected in a variety of ways. With about one-third of all American men and women not getting enough sleep, and roughly 31% of American men concerned about their sex life,…

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The difference between total testosterone and free testosterone

Total Testosterone vs. Free Testosterone: What You Need to Know Understanding testosterone levels can be confusing. Here’s a guide to the differences between total and free testosterone While we tend to think of testosterone in relation to sexual function and muscular development, this hormone actually affects the entire body – in both men and women. Testosterone is produced in the testes,…

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Clogged arteries may be the cause of your erectile dysfunction

Take care of your heart and your sex life will thank you Do you struggle with erectile dysfunction? If so, you might also suffer from a broken – well, breaking – heart. While typically-cited causes such as low libido, stress, depression, physical injury/trauma, or side effects of medication may also be factors in ED, it could be that your arteries…

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